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Visual Studio extension for creating NSIS and Inno Setup installers. It integrates NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) and Inno Setup with Microsoft Visual Studio IDE and allows you to create and build NSIS and Inno Setup projects right within Visual Studio getting all benefits of common integrated environment!

Do you want to improve your existing installers or easily create new ones? Spend less time on development and write scripts faster, easier, cleaner and withouts effort.
Save more than 75% of your time using this tool! Rapidly improve your software with this powerful & user friendly tool! For only 49,- € (Personal use) Prices List.

Check these video tutorials to see how to use it in 5 minutes! Start for Free with no limitations! Feel free to contact us for more details in chat below.

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Key Features

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Microsoft MVPs and Owners or Committers of a qualified Visual Studio Open Source projects may receive a full license for our products for free. See the details in unSigned Donation Program

During installation you can install Graphical Installer Wizard - an optional tool for creating great looking installers with custom design directly in Visual Studio.

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